Our award-winning reward event
for the young people that
have built an industry.

An evening of inspirational talks to
rock our world.

Followed by
a massive party.

The voice of an industry
exploring the challenges
and opportunities before us.

Full day of presentations,
panel discussions and workshops.

Designed and delivered
by our members.

Inspiring future generations
and ensuring our legacy.

An afternoon of mutual fun
and learning with Kraków ’s
school children.

In partnership with
our local community.

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For two days, Kraków’s new state of the art conference and exhibition centre will become our home, as we take advantage of the complex’s many and diverse spaces to support our own many and diverse conversations.

An Auditorium ready to host 2000 people, a Theatre Hall that seats 600 people and a spacious and multifunctional glass walled foyer on three floors for networking and exhibition stands. These are just some of the exciting features that await us.


Learn more at www.icekrakow.com


(+48) 513 077 541

31-008 KRAKÓW

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