Acting Local 2015
Conference Overview

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How Far Can We Go?
Opening film
Will Whitehorn
How Far Can We Go?
Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein
Global Geopolitical Outlook
Witold Orłowski
Global Economic Outlook
Maciej Piwowarczyk
Global Business Trends - Global Business Services
John Collington
Global Industry Trends - Outsourcing Services
Stephan Schmitt
The Consumerisation of IT
David Poole
Work - The Next Generation: Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
Mark Hatton
Operational Excellence
Mark Harrison
Operational Excellence in Order to Cash
Beata Osiecka
Workspace Management - Next Office
Dr Bernd X. Weis
Creating an innovative culture
Andrew Hallam
What makes a Supelocation?
Dr Paul Flather
Making Places: The Role of Universities
Gilles Leonard
Making Places: The Role of Infrastructure & Business
Cllr. Richard Lewis
Making Places: The Role of Culture
Robert Piaskowski
Building Superlocations through Culture
Stakeholder Panel
Making Places
Joanna Mandel, Adrian Marciszewski and Agata Piątek
Salaries - Are we getting too expensive?
Agata Piątek
Kraków - The Land of Carrots
HR Leaders Panel
Transforming the Enterprise, Transforming Ourselves
Centre Heads Panel
How Far can we Go? - The opinion of centre heads past and present