Maciej Grabski
CEO, Olivia Business Centre
Maciej Grabski – the CEO of Olivia Business Centre is a well-respected entrepreneur and business figure. Since founding and developing Wirtualna Polska, he has started numerous companies through his Business Angel Seedfund organization which he continues to manage and has now added corporate real estate into his spectrum of interests. A guest speaker at many events as well as a representative of the Pomeranian Employers Association (Pracodawcy Pomorza), Maciej is deeply inolved in the city where he was born and continues to live, Gdansk.
Jake Jephcott
Director of Business Development, Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk
Director of Business Development at Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk is the author of many of the projects and events that has helped the project become one of the most successful in the region including Olivia Synergy, Olivia Campus, Olivia Society and Launchpad. Previously whilst in his native England, he worked for a number of global corporations, was involved in city regeneration and location marketing projects in London and Birmingham, European music events management and artistic world class cultural organizations including The Royal Shakespeare Company. He also organizes such initiatives as The Foreign Legion and The Gdansk Stake Holder panel integrating business with culture.